life is a gift...use it well

Life can be so fast pace and hectic at times. If you have kids or a demanding job (or both) you know exactly what I mean. You get caught up in the day to day grind - waking up, feeding the kids, dressing the kids, heading off to work, trying to make deadlines, balancing work demands and personal demands, trying to get ahead at every turn...but usually coming up short or at best, even. 
Thankfully, every now and then there comes a moment, an event, news...something that rocks your world a little and says, "wake up!" and suddenly everything you thought was pressure weighing you down, lifts and it all falls into perspective. Instantly the glaring lights of your worldly fears and concerns go strangely dim and the true Light comes to illuminate the things your focus should be on. 
A couple weeks ago I got an email from a past client of mine, Mary Ann. We were not available to photograph her wedding but were able to do an engagement session for them. With permission, I wanted to share what she wrote in part of her email:  
"Hi Michael, I just was looking at our engagement photos.. wanted to take the time to tell you thanks again. You really are brilliant at what you do. I simply love them and since I didn't really like our wedding photos I am so thankful we found you to take our engagement photos! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November so I'm going through chemo now.. your photos made me really miss my hair for the first time. Keep on being awesome, Michael!" 
Mary Ann went on to day that she's almost completed her chemo and is lucky that she found it early. She says that this did indeed rock her world a little but now she enjoy's life "smarter"... 
"It's all about seeing the small moments, laughing at myself, having the best family, friends, and husband in the world, and a sense of clarity I've never had, that push me along. I've been humbled to no end. There is little time to feel sorry for yourself-- someone always has a worse situation. Always." 
It doesn't seem profound. It's a simple concept that I like to think I know, but for some reason can't practice with regularity. 
I hope this helps put things into perspective for you today. 
God Bless!